What’s up folks?  Happy Mardi Gras!

If you’re like me, the following observations have probably become commonplace in your life these days…

• The floor of your home is constantly wet/damp from the snow you’ve trampled in.
• Remember how inconvenient it was when you got stuck behind a garbage truck once a week?  Now you’re getting stuck behind a salt truck twice a day.
• The bottom of your car, as well as your car’s tire space have accumulated dirty snow “growths”. 
• You’re frequently shaking your head in disgust/disbelief at the people who insist on driving his/her car without removing any snow at all from their vehicle.   These people should be jailed immediately, not only for endangering other motorists but for simply being lazy.
• You’re on a first-name basis now with the kids who come to your door to offer their snow-shoveling services.  These same kids have made enough money this month alone to buy their own snow-blowers.  Next month they’ll be able to buy their own houses with their own snowy driveways.
• The ankles of your pants haven’t been dry for weeks. 


Once again an exasperated Burt BobbleRed was ordered to join me outside in the ballpark’s seating bowl today to snap some more snow-filled photos.  He “voiced” his displeasure using another one of his patented signs.  Burt also angrily said the only reason he’s agreeing to subject himself to this kind of wintry torment is because he knows he’ll be in Arizona next month…



From snow to sun…Better Off Red’s Chief Arizona Affairs Correspondent and Senior Staff Photographer/Videographer Rob Butcher sent some more photos from Goodyear. 

Today he shows us the Reds clubhouse areas and the team’s rehabilitation facilities

For tour-guided video featuring Reds Clubhouse Manager Rick Stowe and Reds Assistant Trainer Steve Baumann, click here.







On this date 76 years ago, Baseball Hall of Famer and Reds pitching star Eppa Rixey retired.  Rixey went 265-251 for his career and was enshrined in Cooperstown shortly after his death in 1963.


More Reds memorabilia photos!


4champs.jpgThis is from my good friend “Mr. Redlegs” who shows us his autographed baseballs of Reds championship teams from 1940, 1975, 1976 and 1990.  It took him 8 years to find the 1940 ball. 

Obviously the only one he’s missing is from the 1919 team, which you might not think exists…but it does.  Mr. R saw a 1919 team-signed ball in surprisingly good shape and made a bid for it at an auction.  Unfortunately, he was outbid and the ball still eludes him to this day.  How much was the 1919 ball, you wonder?  Let’s just say Mr. R was willing to spend $50,000…yet he still came home empty-handed. 

Even in this day and time with Internet auctions and high memorabilia values, it is amazing that something like the 1940 and 1919 Reds team balls can still surface on eBay or show up at an appraiser’s in a paper bag. It makes you truthfully wonder what else is sitting in someone’s attic, storage trunk or living room curio.”- Mr. R

If you’d like to show off some of your Reds memorablia/keepsakes, email pictures to me at

Here’s some more of my quirkier stuff that I accumulated from my time as a Reds fan/employee…

DSC00714.JPGA photo of a Reds yardstick, given away a long time ago.  The full text on the stick reads “SEE THE EXCITING CINCINNATI REDS AT FABULOUS RIVERFRONT STADIUM.”

DSC00713.JPGThis was the emblem that appeared on the old batting cage the Reds used on the field at Riverfront Stadium/Cinergy Field.  When I was on the ground crew in the late 90s, the emblem fell off and I kept it as a souvenir.

DSC00715.JPGI put both items on display in my living room.

DSC00716.JPGThis sign appeared on a ticket window at Riverfront (maybe Crosley?) 


Here’s a fun question for you…Is your favorite or lucky number based on who wore it as a Red?  Mine isn’t (#26 – Leo Garcia, Darnell Coles, Gookie Dawkins, Robin Jennings, Wily Mo Pena, David Ross) but I always paid attention to which Reds player wore it during his time with the team. 

I know a lot of you who insisted on wearing #14 in Little League or even still select the Big Red Machine uniform numbers for your lottery tickets.  Let me know if you have a favorite Reds-inspired number and why.


I’m happy to report that my colleague and fellow Assistant Director of Media Relations Larry Herms made it to Goodyear safely yesterday after braving the daily Cincinnati snow fall.

Herms.JPGHere’s Larry in his (our) office not long after arriving to camp. 

His boss, Rob Butcher commented, “Indicative of the work ethic of the typical Reds employee, Larry Herms wasn’t in his Goodyear office for more than 2 minutes before he went to work.”

Way to go, Herms.  Making the media relations department proud!


Finally, Tracey Poling and her adorable kids Colin and Chloe from Lima, Ohio, USA, answered my call for a Reds Snowman!  Here he is…

IMG_4302.JPGTracey wrote in to say, “We here in Lima are ready to cry “Uncle!” as well. The kids have had 4 snowdays in the past 2 weeks. At least they had a mission today! Thanks for helping me keep Colin and Chloe busy for a while! Spring can’t come soon enough! Thanks for your fun yet informative blog. Here at the Poling house we can’t get enough of the Reds coverage, especially in the offseason. Thanks again!”

Thank YOU, Tracey!  

Hey Colin and Chloe, great job!!  He looks very….”cool”!  Did you name him? 


Hey folks, don’t forget to send me your Reds-related photos!

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That’s all for today…I’ll be back tomorrow with more photos and video from Goodyear. 

You folks are the best.  I really appreciate you logging on and supporting Better Off Red.

Enjoy the rest of the day and be safe out there! 


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A couple of corrections regarding the topic of my friend Mr. Redlegs’ autographed baseballs – the 1919 team signed-ball never actually made it to auction. Mr. R saw the extremely rare 1919 ball on the “Antiques Roadshow,” and it was sold privately before it went up for bid.

By the way, I highly recommend Mr. Redlegs’ “Red Letter Daze” Reds discussion site. You can find it at


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