Happy President’s Day!
In honor of today’s holiday, Reds Cap Club President Bill “Seg” Dennison asked if he could address the members of the RCC.  Here’s what he had to say:

It’s a distinct honor to be your President, serving such great Reds fans in such a high office. As your leader, I will try and take the Reds Cap Club all the way to the World Series.” –  President Seg

Well done, Mr. President, well done.


Let me warn you folks that Burt BobbleRed is not a happy man.  When he wobbled out of bed this morning and saw the Hoth-like conditions outside, he said some things that I cannot repeat on this blog.  Needless to say, he’s tired of the snow. 

When we finally arrived to work (we carpool), we both went out to the view level section of Great American Ball Park to see how much snow was inside the seating bowl.  Burt even made a sign expressing to Mother Nature his opinion on the recent snowfall…




But enough with the white frozen water, let’s talk about warm clear-blue skies…

Better Off Reds’ Chief Arizona Affairs Correspondent and Senior Staff Photographer Rob Butcher snapped some photos of the Reds weight room facility at Goodyear.  He also enlisted blog superstar and Reds strength and conditioning guru Matt Krause to show us around the weight room in this video.  Enjoy!


IMG_1005 (2).JPG
IMG_1006 (2).JPG
IMG_1007 (2).JPG



And speaking of Rob…over the weekend he successfully completed the IMS Arizona Marathon in 3 hours, 23 minutes and 2 seconds (7:45 per mile).  Amazing!  That’s 26.2 miles of running, folks.  I get tired after simply driving 26 miles.  Rob finished 9th out of 141 finishers.  Very impressive. 

Reds Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Zach Gjestvang finished 23rd overall with a time of 3:46:09 (8:36/mi).  It also should be noted that it was Zach’s first marathon.

Marathon IMS Arizona Finish.JPG
Zach.JPGAs proud I am of Rob and Zach for their demonstration of super-human athleticism, I’ll be even prouder of them if they both resist the urge to slap one of those awful “26.2” bumper stickers on the back of their cars. 

Congrats guys!!  Job well done!


Big news for all of you 10-game Reds Power Pack fans…the popular ticket plan goes on sale this coming Saturday at 9:00am ET only on Reds.com… 

The Power Pack provides fans with tickets to 7 of the hottest games of the year, including Opening Day, the Civil Rights Game, the Reds Hall of Fame Induction game and a pair of battles with the Cubs.   Plus, new for 2010, fans get to select three additional games to complete the 10-game package, making it the most flexible Power Pack offered.   Guarantee your seat for Opening Day and enjoy 10 great Reds games or split the Power Pack with family and friends.  Prices start as low as $90 per package. A limited number of packages are available.

Power Pack sales start Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010 at 9:00 am ET, only on reds.com/powerpack.

2010 Power Pack games:
Monday, April 5 vs. Cardinals  (Opening Day)
Saturday, May 8 vs. Cubs  (2010 Team Photo giveaway)
Saturday, May 15 vs. Cardinals  (Civil Rights Game/Retro Mesh Jersey Giveaway)
Saturday, June 12 vs. Royals  (Scott Rolen Bobblehead Giveaway)
Saturday, July 17 vs. Rockies  (Hall of Fame Induction Game/Chris Sabo Bobblehead Giveaway)
Friday, July 30 vs. Braves  (Fans Choice Fireworks Friday)
Sunday, Aug. 29 vs. Cubs
… and 3 games that you choose!


Over the weekend, the Reds held tryouts for the 2010 John Morrell Reds Rally Pack.

Here are the winners….Congratulations!

2010 John Morrell Reds Rally Pack Members
• Adventurous Ashley
• Kooky Kelly
• Nice Nick
• Delirious Drew
• Bubbly Brittany
• Magnificent Marty
• Absent Minded Ameer
• Could I Be More Busy Cari
• Delightful Dylan
• Jokester Jonathan
• Krazy Kaylyn
• Exotic Erica
• Energetic Emma 

If you’ve been to Great American Ball Park for a Reds game, you’ve certainly seen the Rally Pack running around like maniacs, entertaining the fans with t-shirts, high powered air guns, water guns, basketball hoops on their backs, ring-toss helmets on their heads, etc. 

Well, I had the honor of checking out the tryouts in person, and it was highly entertaining.  Basically it was set up like an American Idol-type of audition where those who tried out had to perform for 3 judges – Nick St. Pierre, Corey Hawthorne and Zach Bonkowski. Corey was actually so entertained by the tryouts that he literally fell out of his chair!

Here are some photos from the tryout….





I’ve been getting a great response from you fans who want to show off your Reds/baseball memorabilia and keepsakes that have sentimental, personal value.

My good friend Mary Beth Muething submitted some really great stuff that she packaged in a nice little file that can be found here:
Reds Memorabilia.doc

Mary Beth wrote: I started seriously following the Reds in the late 1980’s so I’ve got lots of stuff from the 1990 Championship season up to current treasures like my picture with Joey Votto and my “Rock Star” autographed 2010 Winter Caravan Program.  However, since I figured most of the responses you would get would come from this era, I decided to jump in the way back machine and open up the family archives.  The attached file shows some of the highlights, hope there’s something you can use in the blog!

Nice job, Mary Beth!  You  have lots of really cool stuff!

Jason Clay of Toledo submitted this photo of some of his most treasured Reds items…

feb pt1 043.jpgThey’re a collection of Reds records/cds and videotapes from the championship years.  Jason says, “The top three cd’s are the most recent additions of this little collection as they were Christmas gifts.  They are remastered versions of Records put out by Fleetwood Sounds in the 70’s and chronicle the best moments of the 1970, ’72, and ’75 seasons.  The Big Red Machine is narrated by Jim McIntyre and has some great Nuxhall moments on there, as does The New Red Machine, narrated by the inimitable Al Michaels.  The latter opens with the Reds Publicity Director at the 1971 Winter Meetings announcing the trade with Houston that sent Tommy Helms, Lee May and Jimmy Stewart to the Astros for Joe Morgan, Jack Billingham, Cesar Geronimo, Dennis Menke, and Ed Armbruster.  The former features some of the last broadcasts from Crosley Field as well as the first from Riverfront.  Of course …And This One Belongs To The Reds is narrated by a young Marty Brennaman in those heady days of that championship year.  They are an amazing piece of Reds history and are a treat to listen to.   I highly recommend them to any true Reds fan, especially those who are old enough to remember those days.

Good stuff, Jason!  Thank you!

If you’ve got some Reds memorabilia or just general baseball keepsakes that you’d like to share with the rest of us, email me at jramsey@reds.com and we’ll see what you got!


Here’s a request for you…With all of these photos of warm weather from Goodyear, how about we show our friends in Arizona what they’re missing out on here in the frozen tundra of Reds Land.  I want to see some photos of real Reds Snowmen/Snowwomen!  The more they look like Burt BobbleRed, the better.  Email your Reds Snowman/Snowwoman photos to jramsey@reds.com


When all else fails, listen to Townes Van Zandt.


Finally, I’d like to say hello to my friends at RedsZone.com.  There are some super passionate fans over there who have a lot of interesting topics for discussion.  Check ’em out if you get a chance.


That’s all for now.  Be safe out there! 

You folks are really beefing up the totals on the blog.  Keep the hits coming!  If you guys can get Better Off Red in the Top 5, I vote we all celebrate somewhere!  Who’s in?

Regardless of rankings and other forms of popularity measurements, I want to thank you fans who continue to regularly log on.  I appreciate it very much.  You’re the best and I’m having a lot of fun providing this blog for you.

Be safe, have fun and pursue happiness!!!

Go Redlegs!!



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