“There was a small boy of Quebec who was buried in snow to the neck: When they said ‘Are you Friz?’ He replied ‘Yes, I is – But we don’t call this cold in Quebec!’ Rudyard Kipling

DSC00720.JPGGreetings and salutations! 

If you’re like Burt BobbleRed (shown on top of the visitor’s dugout this morning) and buried up to your neck in snow right now, maybe this will warm you up a little…

warm.JPGThis is a photo taken yesterday morning by Reds Director of Media Relations Rob Butcher -direct from Goodyear, Arizona.

Manny in the desert.jpgAnd here’s Rob’s trusty pup, Manhattan, enjoying the warm desert climate.


Continuing with warmness…The Reds Spring Training truck safely arrived at the club’s Goodyear, AZ complex yesterday afternoon.  It took driver Musa Abdusshakur a little over 30 hours to make the 1,800+ mile trek from Great American Ball Park.  Reds clubhouse personnel unloaded the freight in a record-setting 1 hour and 8 minutes and Rob Butcher caught it all on film…and video.  To access the moving pictures of the event, click here. For the old-fashioned, non-moving pictures, see below.


The crew is ready to unload!



Musa and the truck arrive!


The unloading begins




All done!


And speaking of moving pictures and Spring Training…

Fox Sports Ohio announced yesterday that it will be televising the following 3 Cactus League games this year:

Friday, March 5 vs Cleveland, 3:05pm (EST)
Thursday, March 18 at Cleveland, 4:05pm (EST)
Monday, March 22 vs Colorado, 4:05pm (EST)


We have a brand new member of the esteemed Reds Cap Club

All the way from Guadalajara, Mexico, here’s the adorable Giovanni Francisco Aguilera representing “Los Rojos”.

Giovanni2.jpgGiovanni’s father, Carlos, wrote me to say:

I´m in Guadalajara, México. (Lorena Ochoa, the great golfer, was born here). This is the land of Tequila and Mariachis (the most famous Mexican drink and music).
I´m a big Reds fan all the way back to the 70´s. I have traveled a couple of times to the US just to see the reds play, once in LA and once in San Diego.
You do a great job covering the reds, especially for us living so far from Cincy. Keep it up!!!
I´m sorry for my poor English (I learned by myself).
I sent you a couple of pictures of my little kid, he turned one on Feb. the 3rd, I don´t know if he´s going to be a Reds fan but for now he is.

Thank you for reading the blog, Carlos!  I hope Giovanni continues to be a Reds fan and that you both get a chance to catch the Reds play live someday at Great American Ball Park! 

If you’d like to join Giovanni in the Reds Cap Club, simply email me ( a photo of you wearing your favorite Reds headgear.


Finally, I’d like to say hello and thanks to Jessica Butcher, Eric Schimmoeller, Mike Vitt, Fr. Kyle Schnippel, Marty Beth and Jule Muething, Cody Collier and Jared Emery for being loyal readers of Better Off Red.  Thanks folks! 

And thanks to all of you, too!  I’m having a great time writing this blog, and because you’re reading it, I get to continue to do it.  So, sincerely, THANK YOU!



Man! Do I love those Arizona pictures. The place looks great and the warmer climate is giving me a serious case of spring fever! Go REDS!

That is awesome. I wish they could send a little of that sunshine here. Have they said how they are adjusting to their new spring home?

Also, Carlo’s awesome story you have. Your little boy is adorable.

Shorts, Green grass, Sunshine and Reds baseball. It doesn’t get any better than that! Thanks for the pics Jamie!

Thanks for the story on Carlos and Giovanni. He’s a cute kid!

Thank you all for your warm words.
I have more pics comming and I love to see red`s fans all over the world. That way I don`t feel lonely anymore.
Again, congrats to Jamie for the great work.

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