Happy Reds Cap Day everybody!! We have some new members to the club and I’ll post their photos in a second…

First, I’d like to let you all know that I personally watched the Reds Spring Training truck leave the ballpark moments ago and head for the highway.  For me, that’s when it starts to sink in that baseball season is about to start.  I took some video of the truck and interviewed both the truck driver as well as Reds Clubhouse Manager Rick Stowe.  Those videos will be up on Reds.com at some point.  Check ’em out when you get a chance.

Mark Sheldon wrote this nice piece about packing up the truck and taking all of the stuff to Arizona

In addition to the video, I also snapped some photos of the very important truck…it’s very “moving” footage (har har!).  Enjoy….



And now, put your hands together for the newest members of the esteemed Reds Cap Club!

JasonClay.jpgHere’s Jason Clay, a Cincinnati native who’s now living in Toledo. 


And here’s Jason’s collection of Reds caps!

Jason had this to say: The first photo entry is one that my daughter took of me at the Reds Caravan stop in Lima (you captured us in the video you posted on reds.com-very cool!) and the second photo shows most of my Reds caps.  I hope that qualifies me to join the cap club.  Maybe I will submit a photo of me in a different cap every week of the upcoming season.  I think that I may have more than enough to carry us through the postseason!  Go Reds!

Jason, there’s no doubt with all of those Reds caps that you’ve certainly solidified your spot in the club!  Thanks for the photos and thanks for reading!


July 20009 084.JPGThe next newest member is Jonathan Hart (above) showing off his wishbone “C” at Seppeltsfield Winery in the Barossa region of South Australia.  Who said Australia wasn’t Reds Country?!  Thanks, Jonathan!  Great photo! 


No big news today.  I’m taking Reds Director of Media Relations Rob Butcher to the airport tomorrow morning at 7:30.  Wish me luck.  Hopefully the weather cooperates or else I might be driving him in a sleigh.  Poor Rob is headed to Goodyear and is going to miss out on the breath-taking Cincinnati weather until April.  Poor guy…


That’s all for now! 

Hey folks, do me a favor and go out and have a great weekend, will ya?!  Live a little. 

I really appreciate you guys logging on and reading.  I really do.  The participation from you fans over the last week or so has been overwhelming and quite humbling.  I’m having a lot of fun with this and you all are a big reason why.

Be safe, have fun and pursue happiness!

Go Redlegs!!!



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Did you get Rob Butcher to the airport? Us up here in the north got blasted with snow and from what I heard, you guys got hit pretty good too. I’m betting you wish had stowed away on that truck!

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