I forgot yesterday to wish everyone a happy Arch Stanton Day.

ArchStanton.jpgThe poor soul who rested next to Arch didn’t have a name.  Up until today, neither did our beloved bobblehead.  But now the bobblehead has a name and that name will be unveiled later this afternoon following a flashy photo shoot here at Great American Ball Park.

In the meantime, I want some participation out of you folks today.  Drop me a line at jramsey@reds.com to let me know you’re reading.  Who knows, there might be something in it for ya….


PS – Every month or so, MLB releases rankings of the most-read MLBlogs.  I think it’s about time for you fans to flex your muscles and send Better Off Red into the Top 5.  Whattya say?  Tell your friends, pass it on. 

For those of you reading on the Reds Facebook page, THANK YOU!  You can also access the blog and leave comments at ramsey.mlblogs.com



I read the blog every day Jamie, it is amust read, along with other Reds related websites(Reds MinorLeagues) Also how did Jay do with the Globetrotters? If he came out healthy and had fun that is all that matters.


Thanks for reading, David!

Jay takes the court tonight.

This is one heckuva blog. Quirky, informative, and funny.

I’m an editor, and I can say for certain this Ramsey guy has a future!

This blog rocks! Let’s go Redlegs!

Hiya Jamie; I have read this blog everyday since I found it. You are great!!!! funny, informative,and different than other baseball related blogs because you not only report the news, but add many other aspects i.e. (reds cap club) but to me your best quality is your humility, always thanking us the readers for reading(like we’re doing YOU a favor) . Your sincerity and obvious enjoyment of your job will take you a long way.You are one of those people that I would like to meet in person because I know I would be better for it.
Keep up the good work !!!

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