Western Update – On the way to Batesville, IN

This just in from Media Relations Director Rob Butcher on the Western Tour:

The Western Leg of the Reds Caravan is on I-74 heading to Batesville, Indiana, where we’ll stop at Sherman House for a live radio interview. Cincinnati Enquirer photographer Gary Landers is joining us for this first leg, photo-documenting our trip. He’s putting together a story to show readers what “life on the caravan” is like. I told him he’d be bored in about 10 minutes. Took him seven. This morning’s kickoff event at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum was very nice. President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Castellini gave a nice speech, a part of which I’ll send you later. Downloading video is a little slow when you’re using an external wireless card.

Below are a couple photos of the inside of our motor coach. At the next stop or so, I’ll give you a video tour of our home for the next 4 days.

I checked with the Southern Tour to make sure Ryan Rizzo’s motor coach pulled out on time this year. Last year, for a reason still not explained, Rizzo’s motor coach sat in front of the Reds Hall of Fame for 20 minutes after the other 2 vans pulled out. He did it right this year. Steppin’ up to the plate.

Here’s Walt Jocketty and Todd Frazier on the way to Batesville.


Jay Bruce enjoying himself so far.


The rest of the Western Tour, including COO Phil Castellini.


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