Happy birthday, Elvis!  Today would’ve been his 75th birthday, can you believe it?  I’m a Beatles’ man myself, but I do have some Elvis on my ipod (Presley as well as Perkins and Costello).   My mom attended the June 1977 Elvis concert here in Cincinnati and claims to have caught a drumstick that the Big E threw out into the audience. Personally, I think she knocked down a little girl and stole it.


bobbleonbat.jpg.JPGFollowing yesterday’s post, I had several people inquire and comment about the bobblehead that appeared in one of the photos (and pictured above hanging out on Crosley Terrace this morning).  Well, here’s how I acquired him…while I worked on the ground crew at Cinergy Field, I found him and felt so heartbroken over his broken appearance that I decided to adopt him (he looks like he actually was inside the stadium when it was imploded).  The thing is, I never named him.  This is where you guys can help…

If you could help me name the bobblehead, I’d be most grateful.  Email me (jramsey@reds.com) your name suggestions and the one I like the most will stick.  Once he’s properly named, I think I’ll make him the official mascot of Better Off Red.


DSC00444.JPGHere’s the “Bobblehead with No Name” being interviewed earlier today by C. Trent Rosecrans (Cnati.com) and Mark Schmetzer (Reds Report). 


On this date in 1994 the Cowboy Era (or “E.R.A.” if you choose) began in Cincinnati as Jeff Brantley signed with the Reds.


Quite a day here in the office today…the local chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America had a meeting in the Crosley Room, 20 feet from my office.  It was nice to catch up with those guys this time of the year, as I usually don’t see them unless there’s a Reds game being played.  (Funny how during the baseball season I see the same people every single day, but in the offseason I seldom see any of those same folks at all).

Also today in the Reds offices, employees were encouraged to wear Bengals gear in support of our football-playing neighbors.  Here’s ¾ of the Reds media relations department in full Who Dey regalia…


DannyOchoHerms.JPGDanny Steele,
Me, Larry Herms.


ryangardner.jpgAnd since today is Reds Cap Day, I’m proud to announce we have a few new members! 

Here’s Ryan Gardner (pictured above) wearing his Reds cap in the outer reaches of the Twilight ZoneRod Serling would be proud.  Thanks, Ryan!


jacknkaylee.jpgAbove is Jack and Kaylee Teets rockin’ their Reds headgear at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.  Their dad, Ryan, says, “The Toronto trip (in 2008) was part of our annual Reds road trip/vacation we embark on each summer from our home in Califon, NJ.  Last year we traveled to St. Louis – via Nashville & Memphis – to see the Reds…in addition to a game at the Mets new ball park, Citi Field.” 

Nice work Ryan and thanks to the entire family for your support!

Remember, you too, can become a high-ranking member of the Reds Cap Club by simply emailing me (jramsey@reds.com) a photo of you wearing your Reds cap.


Not a whole lot of baseball news to report.  We’re gearing up for the Reds caravan and I’m still working on these minor league bios…


That’s all for now….I’ll return soon with more.  In the meantime, keep those emails coming. 

I really appreciate you logging on.  Thanks so much for your support.  Go Redlegs! 

Stay warm!!



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