Ah yes, back to work…

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you all had a great holiday break and enjoyed some rest and relaxation. 

If such things were ranked, I’m convinced this would be the Most Dreaded Monday of the Year (at least in the top 2 or 3?). 

I kept it pretty low key during the break.  I finished up my John Lennon book, picked up a few new suits (I don’t fit into my old ones anymore – ugh!), moved some furniture, watched the Bengals and their little brothers the Bearcats get taken behind the woodshed on national TV, went bowling (of course) and hung out with some friends. 

Now, it’s time to return to my minor league bios…………


In case you missed it, Mark Sheldon addressed some key topics concerning the 2010 Reds.  Click here to read all about it.

I came across this fun story on 86 year-old Eunice Shore of Huntington, WV who has been a Reds fan for 60 years.  


Speaking of long-time Reds fans, I received some very nice emails over the holiday break from folks across the country pledging their Reds allegiance….

First up is Lee “Sparky” Thomason who has been a rooter of the Redlegs since 1969.  Thomason is a trumpet player in the Temple Jazz Orchestra in Temple, TX and is currently recording his original ballad called It is Time.  Well, Sparky, “it is time” to congratulate you on becoming the newest member of the Reds Cap Club.  Job well done, sir. 

Bill-Watrous-and-TJO-035.jpgMembership into the Reds Cap Club was 37 years in the making for Linda Cotterman and her brothers pictured below in 1973.  Linda is a dedicated Better Off Red fan and just 4 days into 2010 has already sent me the photo of the year.  How are you guys going to top this?!

Reds' Helmets.jpgI’d be remiss not to include the note she attached with the photo:  I recently unearthed the attached photo of my brothers and me. This is proof of the huge Reds’ fan support in Cambridge City, Indiana, back in the summer of 1973. We are decked out in our game gear…….sort of, haha. (We look like idiots.) I’m sure without our support, the Big Red Machine would never have been as great as it was! Thought you’d get a kick out of it.

To give you an idea what kind of loyal Reds fan Linda is, her favorite gift for Christmas this year was a Reds Mr. Potato Head.  It doesn’t take much, does it Linda?

Finally, I’d like to thank Dan Howaniec of East Amherst, NY for a very nice email in which he said he’s been a Reds fan for 45 years and has been keeping up with Better Off Red regularly.  Thanks for your support, Dan!


I have some big ideas for the blog in 2010 so stay tuned.  Also, now that the holidays are over and we’re back on a regular routine, I have some guests lined up for ya…

Thanks so much for logging on.  I really appreciate you guys stopping by. 



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