Hey Kiddies –

If Christmas is your holiday of choice this time of year, I hope you all had a great one Friday! 

I’d actually love to hear what you got from Santa…leave a comment telling me what your favorite gift was this year.  As for me, here’s what I got: FAT.  The new scale I received for Christmas was a painful reminder that I have to get back down to my fightin’ weight.  (Author Epiphany: I got a scale, a yoga gift certificate and a new yoga mat…I think Santa was trying to tell me something).   

Oh, I also got a 600-page biography on John Adams and am pretty excited about diving into it (If there was any doubt in your mind about the level of my nerdness, I can confirm it’s off the charts).  Sadly, I didn’t get the HE-MAN bed sheets I asked for.  Darnit!  

Along with the scale, the book and the yoga stuff, I turned some gift cards into itunes credits and picked up the new album by Fanfarlo.  Good stuff!


Anyway, on to important stuff….Jayson Stark of ESPN and Jon Morosi of Fox Sports both think Barry Larkin should be in the Hall of Fame.  I’d have to agree.  But I’m biased and a bit jaded on how the process of deciding who belongs in the Baseball Country Club goes these days.  Barry would get my vote…Davey too.


Gavin Andrews of the Bleacher Report thinks the Reds can win the Central in 2010.


Anyone else watch Ken Burns’ Baseball on MLB Network during the Christmas break?  Anytime it’s on, I always find myself glued to the idiot box.  I will say however, that without the Yankees and Red Sox, the “9-inning” documentary may have not gotten out of the 3rd.


It’s pretty quiet in the office this week.  I’m trying to get through these minor league bios for the media guide.  I’m a bit behind, so I’m busting it to get ’em done.


We’ve got 2 new members of the Reds Cap Club!  Here are the granddaughters of Reds Switchboard Operator Jenny Niehaus, 3 year-olds Rylee and McKenzie Niehaus.  Jenny says they both love going to the games and seeing Rosie Red and Gapper.  Rylee recently earned a 3rd degree black belt and McKenzie just took home the Nobel Peace Prize for her tireless work in the Middle East.  Thanks girls! 

capclub.JPGIf you’d like to become the newest member of the Reds Cap Club, email me (jramsey@reds.com) a photo of you wearing your Reds cap, and voila, you’re in! 

Speaking of the RCC, we haven’t heard from President Bill “Seg” Dennison in a while.  It might be time to check up on him and see how his presidential tenure is going…

In the meantime, that’s all for now!  I really appreciate you logging on….my most sincere thanks!




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