The inscription Clarence left for George Bailey in his copy of Tom Sawyer read “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.”  Now, I’ve seen It’s a Wonderful Life at least a thousand times and without fail, that quote always brings me pause. 

No matter to what extent, I think all of us can sympathize and identify with George Bailey’s troubles.  I know it’s just an old holiday movie but for some folks this time of the year, Clarence’s words can serve as a reminder.  “Each and every one” of us has at least someone who holds us in high regard.  So if you’re feeling left out of the reindeer games this holiday season, remember there’s always a Clarice or a Yukon Cornelius out there who think you’re the greatest.

Besides, why should you be blue this Christmas when you’re Better Off Red? (I know, I know, that was awful.  My apologies).


It’s funny how the offseason can bring out the TMZ in people.  I was reading message boards and Twitter yesterday and was amazed at all the Mario Lopez’ out there who have Aaron Harang celebrating Christmas in a Dodgers uniform.  Don’t believe everything you read…unless it’s this blog and this story by Mark Sheldon.

Trust me, if we make a trade, we’ll let you know.  The press release comes from the department I work in…and sometimes even from my keyboard.


And now for the newest members of the Reds Cap Club….


Here’s Dave Zahniser wearing his Reds cap at Ed Smith Stadium this past spring.  According to Dave’s wife, Rachel, this is just one of his “many” Reds hats.

Nails.jpgHere’s Eric “Nails” Moyer donning his Redlegs cap.  Nails is a friend of mine and is a walking sports trivia encyclopedia.  He can’t be beat.

zachyclaus.jpgAnd finally, here’s a photo of arguably my biggest (and smallest) fan.  Zachary Kiep wearing a Better Off Red Santa hat.  If this guy doesn’t get everything he wants for Christmas, I will personally have a few words with Santa.


That’s all for now.  Thank you very much for logging on.  I appreciate it, I mean it. 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!





Thanks for a your efforts Jamie, you do a great job! Happy Hoidays to you and yours; and GO REDS!!!

Jamie… thanks for the blog!
its good to read things from people who actually work with the team and know things…
unlike.. Yahoo.. and ESPN.. who spread rumors more than 15 year old girls!!
like you I enjoy reading the different tweets and crap on MLBTraderumors… the best part is the ‘comments’ form the readers… this is the best example, just scroll down and enjoy!!

pretty sure this is the best one.. submitted by ‘Cubsfan4life’…

“not too familiar with the Mets farm system but what about something like this.

NYM gets Arroyo, Phillips and Votto

CIN gets Ike Davis, Jon Niese, Castillo

Any thoughts?”

bobinct – I’m with you, man. As far as the rumors go, they’re just rumors. Don’t put any stock in ’em until a deal is actually made. As a society, gossip and rumors have somehow become a sport all of it’s own. Count me out.
And lastly, I should’ve stopped reading after “Cubsfan4life.”


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