Hi everyone!  I’ve been keeping busy at the Winter Meetings here in cold, gray Indianapolis.  With some time to finally post an entry, I thought maybe you’d like to see what goes on during my typical day while I’m here.

First, it’s a common misconception that the Winter Meetings are simply a forum for general managers to get together in the same city to discuss and make trades.  Not true.  While some of that does happen, the Winter Meetings is an event much greater than that and mostly not as exciting as what you may expect/hope. 

This is basically an industry gathering designed for people in the game to get together to discuss matters pertaining to their specific role in the sport.  For example, as a media relations employee for the Reds, I’m here mostly to attend the daily Public Relations/Media Relations meetings. There are also Traveling Secretary meetings, Athletic Trainers meetings, Baseball Writers of America meetings, etc.

Since there are so many folks from the world of baseball here under 1 roof, the Winter Meetings also present a great opportunity for baseball banquets, organizational dinners and other baseball related conferences.

And yes, everything else you see on ESPN and MLB TV is also going on during the Winter Meetings.  There are manager interviews, daily GM briefings and occasional press conferences.  And I can’t forget, the baseball job fair takes place across the street at the convention center where folks looking to gain employment gather to apply/find/look for jobs in baseball.

Basically anything pertaining to the game of baseball is taking place and being discussed at the Winter Meetings.  It will all wrap up Thursday with the Rule 5 Draft.

So with that, I’ll show you how yesterday went for me…

The photo below shows the lobby of the Marriott where the Winter Meetings are being held.  There is a lot of standing around, chatting, networking and catching up with colleagues going on in the lobby.  In the name of Claustrophobia, I try to avoid this area as much as possible.

wintermeetingslobby.jpgThe day for me starts with the daily PR meetings.  My boss Rob Butcher and I represent the Reds in a room filled with media relations reps from the other 29 teams.  PR Representatives from Major League Baseball sit at the dais at the front of the room and conduct the meeting.  Our topics for discussion include the reducing the number of media guides we print, attendance and portal upgrades to our MLB PR site, official scoring issues, player appearances, clubhouse availability to media, etc. etc.  It’s probably mind-numbing stuff to you but the nerd in me very much enjoys it.

After that, we visit another room for round table discussions involving folks from entities like ESPN, XM/SIRIUS, TBS, MLB.com and the BBWAA, to name a few.  Here’s a photo from the “round tables….”

roundtable.jpgFinally, lunch is served! Woo!  During lunch, we have a brief recap of the round table discussions and then break for the day. 

With the conclusion of the daily PR meeting, Rob and I still have work to do.  One of our tasks for the day was to escort Reds skipper Dusty Baker to different media outlets stationed throughout the hotel for interviews.








dustymlbproductions.jpgAfter that, Dusty meets with the local Reds writers and a few national writers in the giant media workroom.  Finally, with Dusty’s media obligations finished for the day, it’s time for the daily GM briefing in the official Reds suite.

GMSuite.jpgReds General Manager Walt Jocketty meets daily during the Winter Meetings with the Reds writers.  This takes place in the Reds hotel suite, or as I like to call it – Reds Headquarters.  Members of the Reds baseball operations staff are in the suite going over stats and other information while Walt answers questions from the writers. 

As Walt admits that there’s not much going on in Reds camp and chats with the scribes about Brian Kelly rumors, I sit next to Reds Assistant GM Bob Miller as he makes fun of my long hair and scribbles in a Sudoku book.  Pretty glamorous stuff.

After the GM briefing concludes, so do my work duties for the day.  My next task was to find a drug store to pick up some toothpaste and contact lens solution.  As I make the chilly walk (without my coat) to CVS (several blocks away), I see 3 Indianapolis Police cars zip past me in all out lights/sirens mode.  Little did I know that they were going to CVS, too!  Instead of eye and breath relief however, they were there to apprehend a shoplifter who got a little too violent and kicked out the window of the front entrance….  Who said the Winter Meetings aren’t dangerous!? I literally risk my life for clean teeth and fresh contacts.

Here’s a photo I snapped on the mean streets of Indy…


Winter MeetingsIndyoutside.jpgAnd so, that’s how I spent my day yesterday.  Yeah, yeah…stop yawning. 

More from Indy, soon…..




PS – John Lennon died on this date in 1980.  I encourage you to listen to some Beatles today.



Jamie – How does MLB pick the site each year for the winter meetings?

I think it was a great post, I have to admit I didn’t know everything else that was going on during the winter meetings. I live in Indy and have been tempted to see what I could learn just by walking around and listening. Thanks for the post!

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