Hey folks – For those of you attending Redsfest tonight, I’ll be escorting Dusty Baker around to  his assigned booths.  I have my vintage white 1990 Reds World Series cap on and brand new bright Reds sneakers on.  Say hi and mention the blog and I might have a prize for ya.

For those of you not attending Redsfest tonight, keep checking here as I’ll be blogging as the night progresses.  Also, check reds.com for some live streaming video from the event.

PS – You guys helped make Better Off Red the 12th ranked MLB PRO blog on the network.  Many, many, many thanks.  However, I think Dale Doback said it best in the classic film Step Brothers when he said “There should be no ranking system for toughness.”  But in all seriousness, thanks. I didn’t think anyone read this….

PPS – REDSFEST IS OPENING AT 3:50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 





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Keep up the great work, Jamie. I may not comment much, but I read every day. You occupy some of the prime real estate on my start up tabs. ūüôā

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