Hi folks! 

Recently the staff here at Better Off Red agreed that in order to take the Reds Cap Club to the next level was to appoint a club president.  The staff poured over a long list of candidates and spent hours upon hours paring that list down to a final few. 

Eventually Bill “Seg” Dennison, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the baby from the E-Trade commercials and 5-time Grammy Award-winner Donna Summer emerged from a list of 45,000 potential presidential candidates.  Of those 4, just 1 fit the criteria* to become the “George Washington” of the Reds Cap Club. (* = own a Reds cap).

Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, please allow me to introduce to you the first-ever President of the Reds Cap Club….Bill “Seg-Man” Dennison!!!

I spoke to Seg earlier today via email and here’s what he had to say:

“It’s truly an honor to serve as your President.  I will lead Reds Cap Nation to the best of my abilities and keep it the GREATEST in the World!”  

Congrats, Seg.  Your term starts now.


And now that we have a new Reds Cap Club president, it’s only fitting that we welcome some of the club’s newest members. 

Here’s Anthony and Lauren Balsly from Mason, OH wearing their Bronson Arroyo caps:

Anthony and Lauren.jpgYou might notice that bandage on Lauren’s knee.  No worries, she’s ok.  She recently got scraped up a little bit in Tokyo while successfully defending her Mixed Martial Arts “Under 4 years or 25 pounds” world title.

Our other newest member to the club is recording artist, Lil Wayne of New Orleans, LA.  Welcome to the club, Lil! 

Lil Wayne.jpg 


Mike Leake yesterday wrapped up a very successful Arizona Fall League season.

Cincinnati’s 2009 first-round pick finished the AFL season with a 1-2 record in 6 games (5 starts).  He allowed just 3 earned runs (9r) in 19.2 innings with 3 walks and 15 strikeouts.

Attached at the top of this entry is the final stats for the Peoria Saguaros, the AFL team that also included Reds prospects 1B Yonder Alonso, SS Zack Cozart, OF Chris Heisey, RHP Brad Boxberger, RHP Logan Ondrusek and RHP Sean Watson.


In case you didn’t see, Baseball America yesterday released the Reds Top 10 Prospects:

1. Todd Frazier
2. Yonder Alonso
3. Mike Leake
4. Chris Heisey
5. Juan Francisco
6. Yorman Rodriguez
7. Travis Wood
8. Matt Maloney
9. Brad Boxberger
10. Zack Cozart


That’s all for now.  Have a great weekend!  Thank you for logging on, I really appreciate it!



In memory of Johnnie B. Baker Sr.



I say the voting was rigged! But I don’t really know, I just thought it would be good to get it out there! Rigged I tell you!

What voting, there was no voting it was an appointment by the staff. haha

redstockings54 – There was some voting involved, however it was blatantly ignored. Thanks for reading!

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