First Some News: SS Zack Cozart and RHP Logan Ondrusek finished up their Arizona Fall League seasons a little early.  Cozart is suffering from a thumb injury and Ondrusek has reached his innings-pitched limit.


Sour Grapes Alert:  Since the amount of coverage the RedHawks get in Cincinnati suggests Miami University might as well be located in Miami, Florida, you might have missed the fact that my boys from Oxford (Ohio, 35 miles from downtown Cincinnati) nearly upset the Kentucky Wildcats (Lexington, 89 miles from downtown Cincinnati) last night in Rupp Arena.  Miami lost thanks to poor officiating and a last second shot by the newest basketball messiah John Wall.  I’m not bitter though….well, maybe just a little (ok, a lot). 


Even Bigger News: Don’t you love when you get a package in the mail?  Today I received my brand new digital voice recorder and I’m super excited about breaking this thing in. 
DS-30.jpgIn concurrence of getting my new toy, I’ve lined up some interviews with Daniel Ray Herrera, Paul Janish, Adam Rosales, minor leaguers Danny Dorn, Matt Fairel, Devin Mesoraco, and a few other surprise guests. 

I also might test this recorder out by secretly recording my colleague Larry Herms while he’s in his office belting out his favorite Dionne Warwick songs.  Stay tuned.

(If there’s anyone else you’d like me to contact for a blog chat, let me know…)


On This Date In Reds History 1992: The Reds traded Norm Charlton to Seattle for Kevin Mitchell.  In 3 seasons with the Reds (’93, ’94 & ’96) Mitchell batted .332 (248-for-747) with 55 HR, 167 RBI, 131 R, .414 OBP and a .631 SLG% in 225 games…Also on the very same day, the Florida Marlins selected minor leaguer Trevor Hoffman from Cincinnati in the expansion draft.




So if I had a dollar for every time someone’s asked me what I do in the offseason, I’d probably be rich enough that Kate Hudson would want to date me (or at the very least, Kevin Federline). 

Anyway, now that the season is over, I’m still required to work regular office hours.  I’m currently working on my biggest offseason project – the 2010 Reds Media Guide, specifically the Player Development section of the guide.

The project for me goes like this…

Once the World Series ends, I pay a trip to the Reds office building to see Director of Minor League Administration Lois Hudson.  She gives me a full organizational roster and a stack of
about 200 individual “Cincinnati Reds Player Biographical Information Sheets,” detailing the vitals for each player in the Reds system (full name, height/weight, date of birth, birth city, current place of residence, age, bats/throws, school, etc). 

I use the information from these sheets, along with the individual player’s statistics to begin the base of the player’s “bio.”  If the player went to college, I use my resources to find his college bio and pluck information from that as well.  I also scour Baseball America, Stats Inc., and other sites for any helpful info that I can use.

bios tocomputer.JPG 

The idea is to find stuff that’s useful to the media when/if they mention our players.  It’s also handy for teams that acquire one of our players, as they can take the information from the bio I wrote and include it in their press release announcing the player acquisition.

Once I finish all of the minor league player bios, I’ll write the bios for our minor league teams’ coaching staffs and then make any changes to the section that are necessary.  Just before the media guide goes to press, there are usually a few personnel changes made by the team that require altering the Player Development section (sometimes I’ll have to write a few last-second bios). 

Upon completion of the Player Development section, I’m available to help out Larry and Rob (and this year, Jim) with their sections of the guide.  Since I’m usually the last one to finish his section, they’re usually the ones offering to help me.

finishedproduct.jpgFinally, prior to completing the media guide, we have to proofread it.  This is easily my most disliked part of the process, but it’s probably the most important.  The 2009 Reds Media Guide encompassed 512 pages of information, so obviously there has to be several sets of eyes editing and proofing to make sure we didn’t mess up (too badly).  Just like any publication that size and containing that amount of information, there are going to be some mistakes.  But having people proofreading it greatly reduces the amount of errors in the final product.  

It’s quite a project that takes a while to complete, but it keeps me pretty busy in the offseason.


Well, that’s all for now…assuming you’re still awake after all of that, I’d like to personally thank you for reading the blog.  I appreciate it very much! 

Keep those Reds Cap Club pictures rolling in…we have some new members this week as well as a big announcement! 

See ya



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congrats with the new toy…. can’t wait for the interviews with the players, especially Danny Dorn, he is a very interesting player to me just from following his stats… is he no longer playing in Venezuala? I hope one of the surprises is Chris Valakia.
Keep up the good work on the blog, and your regular job which seems to be extremly time consuming; thanks for your hard work.

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