Stoneslanes.JPGOver the weekend I continued my quest to find local businesses that pledge allegiance to the Cincinnati Reds.  I ended up in one of my favorite spots – Stones Lanes in Norwood (3746 Montgomery Road).  Stones is located right in the heart of Xavier Musketeer country, and like many of the buildings in Norwood, it’s big and old and full of personality.

Similar to the city in which it’s located, Stones has recently undergone a renaissance of sorts.  The bowling center has replaced its old wooden lanes with modern synthetic ones, popular with the more serious bowlers.  New carpeting and improvements to the ball returns have also been a nice addition.

An eclectic mix of clientele can frequently be found at Stones; young, old, advanced, beginner, college groups and groups of families have all been known to enjoy themselves there. 

Stones openly supports several of the local sports teams – especially the Cincinnati Reds.  Reds posters, pennants, pictures and signs are prevalent throughout the lounge/restaurant area.  A red wall lines the inside of the lounge with the old 70s/80s Reds logo painted in the center.  Above the logo hangs a  display case containing an autographed picture of Eric Davis, photos of the Big Red Machine and a bowling
pin signed by Brandon Phillips



However, my favorite item displayed at Stones has nothing to do with the Reds, rather it’s a Cardinals poster advertising the implosion of old Busch Stadium.  The poster is color-coded to show where Cardinals fans can view the implosion (safely out of the way) and where Cubs fans can view the implosion (in the seating bowl).

Busch.JPGIf you get the chance, stop by Stones to roll a game or two, then check out the cool Reds stuff!    


zachmirror.jpg(My good friend Jack Tripansky poses in front of a Reds mirror at Stones)


If you know of any businesses that support the Reds, please email me at, and I’ll check ’em out. 





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