Greetings Reds fans –

I made it safely back from Philly, but a hellacious sore throat has me a bit blue.  Also, I’ve been working with Brendan Lynch from MLB to find out why the blog site has been less than agreeable (so far, we think it might be operator error.  And by operator, I mean me).  I apologize for the inconvenience.  We’ll get this ship righted…


So the Phillies clinched and are going to the World Series.  For me personally, my time in Philadelphia this week was quite an experience.  Not only were the on-field and clubhouse celebrations unforgettable, and the behind-the-scenes meetings and planning sessions that go into a clinch invaluable, but the people I got to work with are some of my favorite folks on earth.  It was really something I’ll never forget and I look forward to doing it again next year.  And since the Phillies are 5-0 when I’m there to work the NLCS, they might want to consider demanding my services if they go to the playoffs next season.  If it’s up to me, though, I’ll be working for the Reds, not MLB, during the 2010 NLCS.   


I’m currently reading The Machine by Joe Posnanski.  I recently spoke with Joe and he’s agreed to come on the blog and answer some questions regarding the book.  Assuming you’re a Reds fan, I highly recommend getting your hands on this wonderful recap of the 1970s Reds.  Also, if there’s anything you want to ask Joe, email your questions to jramsey@reds.com and I’ll shoot them his way. 


INSTRUCTIONAL LEAGUE AWARDS: At the conclusion of the Arizona Instructional League, OF David Sappelt was voted the Dernell Stenson Most Valuable Player Award (136g, .283, 24 2b, 10 3b, 7hr, 46rbi, 47sb at FSL Sarasota and Class A Dayton, led all Reds minor leaguers in stolen bases)…other award winners included Outstanding Pitcher RHP Brian Pearl (20g, 1-0-8, 3.77, 28.2ip, 31h, 10bb, 43k at Rookie Billings) and Outstanding Hitter IF Carlos Mendez (115g, .308, 18 2b, 6 3b, 5hr, 67rbi, 4sb at Dayton).


Also, don’t forget to get your Reds Jack-O-Lantern photos to me and I’ll post the good ones on the blog.  Email them to me at jramsey@reds.com


Here are some final pics from Philly…enjoy

ramseygluvnaonfield.jpgBill Gluvna and I after the game on the field…that’s Cole Hamels chatting to some folks on the right.  My hair is out of control.

philliesclubhouseclinch.jpgThis is the best photo I could snap during the clubhouse celebration.  I wasn’t interested in getting my new camera ruined by champagne so I tried to keep it safely tucked away.  I did get unintentionally dowsed, though.  My duties after the game consisted of following TBS’ Craig Sager around, making sure he got interviews.  I also accompanied him to the Dodgers side for the post-game Joe Torre interview.  In case you don’t know, Torre really is one of the classiest guys in the game, whether he’s on the winning side or the losing side.

gluvnachuckramsey.jpgGluvna, MLB’s Chuck Torres (whom I admire greatly and find immensely hilarious) and me at the Phillies’ post-game party.


For those of you who live in Kentucky and have Insight Communications Cable, how long can you keep living without the MLB Network?  If you’re as frustrated as my boss Rob Butcher (Kentucky resident and Insight customer who’s madder than a hornet), request the MLB Network here  


That’s all for now.  I’ll be updating regularly…


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Looking forward to Pos and his contributions. He has a great blog I read on a regular basis. BTW, you need to get on twitter Jamie! All the kids are doing it!

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