Hi folks – I’m back on my perch in Philadelphia, typing away from the aux box in empty Citizens Bank Park as a million lady bugs fly around the stadium and my head.  The weather is unbelievably nice right now, clear skies and warm temperatures

Monday’s Game 4 was extremely exciting!  I was given the post-game assignment to grab Matt Kemp for the on-field interviews with TBS and ESPN Radio, but Jimmy Rollins took it upon himself to change those plans.  Due to Philadelphia’s miraculous walkoff victory, I ended up providing the media with Ryan Howard.  The Phillies were justifiably fired up and it was neat being on the field watching them celebrate and pile on Rollins.  I have to admit, as an objective fan watching this series, the Dodgers will have their work cut out for ’em tonight.  I can’t imagine the Phils wanting this series to go back to LA, so I’m guessing they’ll be playing a little extra harder tonight (if that’s possible).


Yesterday was an off day for the NLCS, but there were still things going on at the ballpark.  Both teams had a workout and there were media sessions in the interview room.  Oh yeah, and I also had 2 more Philly cheesesteaks in the press dining room.  As I type this, the lower half of my body has already morphed into a cheesesteak and I can feel my fingers and arms slowly becoming flank-steakish.
Speaking of great food in Philly, last night, the MLB staff working the series along with Dodgers PR man Marc Rogoff and LA video coordinator Nick English, enjoyed a wonderful dinner at D’Angelo’s.  The place was suggested by Rogoff and it turned out to be a spot-on recommendation.  DELICIOUS!  I was told the owner is pals with Joe Torre

tiramisu.jpg I had chicken parm, but afterwards I enjoyed this heavenly slice of tiramisu

Phillystaffdinner.JPG Here’s the group following our wonderful dinner


I figured out some pretty crazy editing techniques that my new camera offers.  Check out these photos of MLB’s Rob Doelger…

Thanks to modern technology, I was able to add a smile to his face in the second photo.  Crazy huh?  Unfortunately, the camera isn’t magical enough for me to put a friend in the chair next to him.  Instead, Rob sat by himself the whole night.


Here are some more pics from the series…

sparklingbase.jpg Sparkling new bases used in the NLCS

PhilliesPhans.jpg The Phillies phans erupt!!


Congrats to Reds Director of Media Relations Rob Butcher, who’s now officially signed up to run the Boston Marathon.  Little known fact about Rob: He doesn’t own a car, instead he drives his own rickshaw.


Check out Jim Misudek’s blog announcing the new Reds Hall of Fame exhibit for 2010.


Also from Misudek, here’s a photo of me lurking behind Ryan Howard during the Game 4 telecast.  Yes, those are black gloves and yes, that’s a trench coat.  Creepy, eh?  Obviously my scariness has no effect on Ryan.



As promised, here are some Reds pumpkin pics!!

Joanie.JPG Pumpkin art from Norwood’s Lisa Mueller and Pleasant Ridge’s Joanie Roebel

Logan.jpgLogan Kist poses with Reds pumpkins carved by Delphos natives Mande Roach, Melissa Roach and Cincinnati’s Tanya Kist.


That’s all for now, folks.  Enjoy the game tonight! 



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