Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Reds fans of all ages…  Beginning now through the end of eternity, no matter the season, Fridays are officially Reds Cap Days.  Mark it down on your New Kids on the Block calendars.  If you have a Cincinnati Reds cap, wear it, especially on Fridays. 

You’re familiar with the Red Hat Society, right?  Well, the hard-working staff here at Better Off Red is introducing “The Reds Cap Club.”  To be a member of this exclusive club, simply wear your Reds cap, snap a photo of you wearing it, email the photo to me at and voila, you’re in the club with the rest of the cool kids!  Every Friday I’ll post photos of Reds Cap Club members. 
Some of us here in the front office got in on the act today, check it out….

Bausanocapday.jpgPremium Sales Manager Chris Bausano wears his Reds cap after gulping down a giant mug of air.

Coreycapday.jpgEvents Coordinator/Reds Heads Kids Club Guru Corey Hawthorne.  Corey suffers a rare condition that experts in the medical community have labled “the-only-man-on-earth-who-can-pull-off-the-plastic-helmet-sunglasses-red shirt-black-tie-look.”

montydiceelvisclairecapday.jpgEarth Mover Patrick Montague, Account Executive Matt Ollerdisse, Vice President of On-Field Entertainment Elvis Presley and Special Events Mastermind Claire Horstman solidify their membership to the Reds Cap Club.

brandonjoaniecapday.jpgTrafficking Coordinator Brandon “Bling” Bowman and Corporate Account Services Manager Joanie Roebel.  I’m not kidding, they’re both still standing in this pose hours after I snapped this photo.

rizcapday.jpgPremium Sales Manager Ryan Rizzo, whose head is so large he has to go around the corner to change his mind.


Kathryncapday.jpgEvents Coordinator Kathryn Braun with a giant baseball bat protruding from her head.


rat1capday.jpgReds Ground Crew Legend and current Group Ticket Coordinator John “Rat” Rieder wearing the clothes he slept in last night.

groupsalescapday.jpgFrom the Season Sales department Joe Ashdown, Mark Schueler, Chris Herrell and Account Executive Eric Keller.

ashleycapday.jpgMarketing Coordinator Ashley Vella, who can hardly contain her excitment for the very first Reds Cap Day.


And speaking of photos, take a look at these snapshots from our new Spring Training home in Goodyear, AZ.

practicemountains.JPGMany of our Reds staff members are currently in the desert for tomorrow’s grand opening of the complex.   To see more photos, click here.


I’m guessing if you were alive 19 years ago today, you somehow experienced Eric Davis’ first inning  1st inning home run off Dave Stewart in Game One of the 1990 World Series at Riverfront Stadium.  For me, I was in the green seats (3rd base side) with my dad sitting just behind Rick Honeycutt’s wife and young children.  Esther Canseco sat about 5 rows in front of us.  After Davis hit that home run, I nearly went deaf from the roar of the crowd as it was the first time I ever had my ears ring at a sporting event.  Oh and I won’t even mention the goosebumps and the hair that stood up on the back of my neck (just under my mullet).  After the Reds blanked the A’s that night 7 to zip, I remember walking back to the car with dad and saying “Dad, I think we might have a shot at winning this thing!”
Now if you were alive 33 years ago today, maybe you were one of the 54,826 at Riverfront to witness the Reds school the Yankees, 5-1, in Game One of the 1976 World Series.  This game also led to an eventual Reds sweep, but did you know that it was the last game Don Gullett would ever pitch while wearing a Cincinnati uniform?


Do you think the Peoria Javalinas/Peoria Saguaros rivalry is as bitter as the Cubs/White Sox or Yankees/Mets?  My guess is yes, yes it is.  Yesterday the Javelinas beat our beloved Saguaros, 17-9.  What’s most important about this game for you and I was that it marked the pro debuts of Reds first rounder Mike Leake and supplemental first rounder Brad Boxberger.  Leake started on the mound for the Sags and allowed 4 hits and 1 walk in 2.0 scoreless innings (2k, 46 pitches).  Boxberger allowed a run in 2.0 innings of relief (1h, 1bb, 2k).  Unfortunately, Reds prospect Logan Ondrusek suffered the blown save and loss as he was reached for 5 runs on 6 hits in 0.2 innings of relief (2hr).  On offense Chris Heisey led off, played left field and went 2-for-4 with a double, a walk and 2 runs scored.  2B Zack Cozart batted 2nd and collected 2 hits (double, 1rbi, 1bb, 2r).  1b Yonder Alonso (1bb) went 1-for-4 with a 2-run homer that landed in the Grand Canyon.  This game lasted 3 hours and 43 minutes, coming in just a few minutes short of Carlton Fisk’s Hall of Fame induction speech.

Ok folks, off to Philly.  My flight leaves in the morning and I’ll hopefully be on South Street devouring a Jim’s steak by lunch time.   
I’ll be blogging, so keep checking in!  And where are your Reds pumpkin photos?!  Send them to and I’ll post them online and make you famous.
See ya! 


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